“Claudia has given me excellent advice over the years- particularly over a troubling time of psoriasis- where dermatologists could not diagnose or treat it for months. I spent $$$ on creams and appointments, with no success. After just 1 appointment with Claudia, she created the perfect NATURAL treatment, and my skin was clear within 8 days. I’ve been going to Claudia for any health concerns ever since! Claudia is professional and knowledgeable and is much better at taking care of my health than I am! Absolutely recommend.”


“I came to seek help from Claudia during a time when my immune system was incredibly weak. I had had several bouts of colds/flus recurring every few weeks for about 6 months. It was my first time consulting a naturopath and Claudia was incredibly thorough, eager to find ways to help me and took a holistic approach to treatment. I recovered quickly and to my surprise, I then stayed well! I have felt better ever since and it is thanks to Claudia’s amazing herbal medicines she created specifically for me. Claudia is a trustworthy and caring naturopath and I would highly recommend her. ”



“For many years I had been experiencing varying levels of stress and anxiety due to difficult and sometimes changing life circumstances. I have also had problems with my immune system and as a result would get sick quite often. After seeing Claudia I have been feeling so much better. Claudia was very holistic in her approach as she prescribed an excellent diet plan together with the right nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine and flower essence therapy to help bring my body back into balance again and feeling so much calmer.”


“My health issues are ones that are very sensitive to me and I don’t often share them with my closest friends and family. After feeling dissatisfied with my naturopath I’d seen for years, I contacted Claudia after seeing a local advertisement online.

After meeting Claudia and talking through my health concerns, I instantly felt at ease and knew I was in a safe environment with her. Her ability to be a good listener and be compassionate was just as important as advising me on what herbals I needed to take.

Her diagnosis and remedies were tailored for me especially. She is a very dedicated and supportive naturopath. Her capacity to see the links between mental and physical health really helped with my problems. I think she’s a wonderful Naturopath.

I have referred friends and family on to her and would gladly continue doing in the future.”