Currently enrolled in Masters of Reproductive Medicine 2018
Natural Fertility Masterclass 2016
Pregnancy Intensive 2014
Completing a Bachelor of Health Science in early 2013.
Lymphatic Drainage Level One and Two Weller Institute 2004
Remedial Massage Diploma 2003
Eastern and Western Cupping 2003

“I am passionate about healing and feel privileged to be helping people to achieve their optimum health and wellbeing. Good health is not just about the absence of sickness and disease it is also a zest, vitality and energy for living that drives us to achieve our higher purpose in life.”

I have been working in the health care industry for 13 years as a Remedial Massage therapist collaborating with physiotherapists to optimise patient outcomes. Alleviating aches and pains solidified my desire to heal and help people. I experienced an enormous sense of satisfaction from providing successful treatments. Encouraged by these early successes I wanted to increase my knowledge and deepen my skills to heal, so I went back to university as a mature age student.

As a Naturopath or Natural Medicine practitioner, I like to commence with an in-depth clinical analysis of a patient’s history to sleuth out the problems that may be preventing them from achieving optimal health. I cater my treatments specifically to an individual, their symptomology, and causality to facilitate that individual’s treatment journey. In this way I hope to address the underlying causes of poor health whilst also relieving the symptoms.

I love science, and my treatment strategies are commonly supported by scientific evidence or clinical empirical evidence. I continue to test and update my knowledge & qualifications by attending postgraduate education courses, and seminars from the very best clinicians and researchers from around the world. It is my goal to provide my patients with the best current information at the forefront of holistic healthcare.

I strongly believe that when we make a positive contribution to someone’s life that this causes a ripple effect which can influence not just that person but the lives of their family and friends. One of my personal touchstones is “Healthy people create healthy families who create healthy communities”

I have a special interest in preconception care, pregnancy and fertility. As both parents’ health, especially mum’s health, during this time can have a significant impact on their baby’s epigenetics. By achieving optimal health for both parents preconceptually, we can create positive transgenerational results for the health of your beautiful baby and for future generations, for your grandchildren and their grandchildren to come.